International Printing Museum

International Printing Museum


You can never get bored in Carson, CA. The city offers stunning attractions and fun activities to do- ranging from adventurous walks, thrilling sports to exploring history, and more.  Its beauty lies in its diversity, making it an attractive spot for people around who wish to enjoy every moment.

International Printing Museum is one of those amazing attractions in Carson, CA that has a rich history and offers many interesting and engaging activities to do.

Read below to learn more about the International Printing Museum in Carson, CA.

Overview of International Printing Museum Carson, CA

If you wish to see some of the largest and most esteemed printing collections globally, you must visit the International Printing Museum.

The museum is the core of the revolutions brought by the invention of printing presses. At the museum, the management offers many educational and hands-on programs for school groups and those who wish to learn more about printing.

The International Printing Museum opened Its doors in 1988. However, the material is dated back to the 1600s.

Museum’s Collections

International Printing Museum is where history comes to life, and we can prove this by mentioning a few of the greatest of all collections at the museum.

1.   Gutenberg Press

The museum includes antiques like the replica Gutenberg press. The Gutenberg Press is a movable invention by Gutenberg and was rated as the most important development in the millennium era.

Before this invention, having a printed book was a luxury and ordinary people could not buy a book by themselves – that is how expensive it was.

Now that you can have printed books, you must thank Gutenberg for allowing you to have this luxury.

2.   Common Press

Did you know that the Common Press is the third oldest printing press in America?

The Common Press was innovated by Ben Franklin and he made his living as a printer. He used to print books and other documents for people to make money, and he was pretty proud of it.

3.   Mark Twain

Let us tell you that the museum also has the printers from the time of Mark Twain.

Mark Twain had little to no formal education. However, he gained all his knowledge from the Hannibal journal to put together an exceptional printer.

Other Specialties

This museum is special in many ways. It hosts the annual Los Angeles Printers Fairs on the first Friday of October every year. The fairs host multiple programs for schools and visitors.

A few are mentioned below:

  • Constitutional Convention Tour
  • The Inventive Ben Franklin
  • Book Arts and Printing Classes
  • Scout Merit Badge Program
  • Franklin Gallery Tour
  • Book Arts Tour
  • Franklin’s Colonial Assembly
  • The Dickens Holiday Celebration

If you have a knack for history, technology, and revolution, you must visit this museum in Carson, CA, and you won’t regret it.



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