Go Kart World

Go Kart World

Yay! Go Kart Worls is now open after the mandated closure for Covid -19 safety there schedule is Open Fri-Sat 10AM-12AM and Sun-Thurs 10AM-10PM


Life is too short to be boring. So live like it’s is the last day of your life!

Nowadays, what most people do is dine out or go to malls, and that’s it. But a little adventure can be fun as well for most, especially after repeating the same things over and over again.

Go Kart World is one of such places in Carson CA that kids, teenagers, and adults can enjoy alike.

Also, if you have constant arguments about what to do this weekend, then take our word for it. Everyone in your family will agree to have a fun day at Go Kart World.

Keep reading below to learn more about this awesome place in Carson, CA.


Go Kart World is among the most fun places in California. However, it is best if you familiarize yourself with the place before you go there.

Go Kart World provides a driving experience with karts and bumper carts, and they have been in business for almost 27 years. In these years, they have a stellar record and has bagged the awards for “Best Go-Kart Track” by Los Angeles Magazine.

Activities to do in Go Kart World, Carson CA

At Go Kart World, there are activities for everyone – whether you are a family or you are just out with your friends for a bumper car ride.

Find some of the activities that you can find at Go Kart World, Carson, CA:


1 Kiddy Track. The kiddy tracks, made almost 16 years ago, allow kids to drive bumper cars that are especially suited for kids. These karts and bumper cars run on a battery.

The best thing about the kiddy track is that you’ll find instructors around at all times to supervise your kids and teach them how to drive safely so they can have the most fun possible without injury to themselves or others.

  1. Bumper TrackBoth adults and children can drive bumper cars on the bumper track. Moving in forward, backward, and circular motions, these bumper cars are also supported by batteries.

While it offers a lot of fun, the track also serves as a mock driving trial. Most novice drivers can understand the dynamics of driving through this activity.

  1. Mini Indy

What’s the fun if there is no challenge? The young drivers can race and challenge their fellow drivers on this racing track. However, there is a prerequisite- the drivers must have spent at least a few hours on the training tracks before they could race in this track. The prerequisite is pretty fair as it involves the security of the young drivers and gives them practice so they can have the most fun possible.

Slick track when you are done driving on the simpler tracks, you can give this one a try. The track steps up the game a little and gives you the feel of a real car racing event. The speed of the cars can be up to 42 mph, hence it is necessary to wear helmets and prove their driving skills to the instructors before they can drive in this track.

When visiting Go Kart World make sure you stay safe and follow City Of Carson regulations regarding Covid- 19 safety measures.


Go Kart World is an amazing place if you like to have an adrenaline rush now and then. Moreover, it is one place that serves both adults and children in Carson, CA.

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Go Kart World